Wedding Cost Saving Tips Part 2

Here are more tips on how to save money and still be able to put together a beautiful and memorable wedding.

Swap Cities – As you probably know, the cost of living vary from one city to another. Going from one city to another can greatly profit your budget. According to ValuePenguin (a personal finance website), the average cost of wedding, this year, by state vary from $12,769 in Mississippi to $88,176 in New York (Manhattan). Martha Stewart Weddings points to an example of bride-to-be Vicky Sherman who watched catering quotes drop from $140 to $40 per guest after she moved her wedding from Brooklyn, New York (her current home), to a beach town in Michigan (her native state) – A saving of $15,000, based on her 150-person guest list.

Hire an Expert – It may sound contre-intuitive to save money by spending it on a planner. However, wedding planners:

  1. Are not shy when it comes to bargaining, they will negotiate good prices with vendors and get you deals that you would not have received otherwise;
  2. Can draw from years of experience working with brides on budgets, and
  3. Have working relationships with vendors – all of which can amount to big bucks shaved off your final bill (Martha Stewart Weddings).

Off-Season – As mentioned above, skipping a weekend wedding can save you thousands in venue and food. This is the low season since most people like to get married in the summer and vendors are looking to fill those dates with bookings.

You can save 10 to 15% off high season rates by having your wedding on one of the off-season months such as January, March, April, etc.

February though is not a saver although it’s in between the low season simply because of Valentine Day. The same is true for the month of December too, with the holiday season.

Find all-inclusive venues – Don’t choose a place where you’ll have to bring everything yourself, such as chairs, tables, dinnerware, etc. Choosing an outdoor venue like a park for your wedding may seem like a budget saver until you start adding up the cost of rentals (tent, electric & lighting, etc).

If you’re on a tight budget, this will help you also save in other areas. You won’t need to splurge on the decor for example, instead, see what the venue has to offer and go with that as long as you can find your color or theme. This way you’ll also save on labor because the venue will handle the set-up and break down.

In some places you’ll get the option of an outdoor space for the ceremony, in others however, you’ll have to use the same space for both the ceremony and the reception. The transition is usually smooth though and your guests won’t even mind. Other venues offer a discounted price for that as well, especially for an afternoon ceremony and an evening reception. Some venues will also include the wedding cake with your menu selection.

Let friends help – When friends and family offer to help or give something as a gift, take them up on their offer. They can pay for the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup or even the cake. Make sure that the cake is paid for in advance to avoid last minute mishaps.

According to a survey conducted by St. Louis Bride and Groom magazine, 81 percent of guests said the entertainment was the most memorable part of a wedding.